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How Can an App Bring Me More Business?

How Can an App Bring Me More Business?

July 22, 2018 Articles 0

So I Have My Own App… Now What?

Two big questions surround the idea of having your own app. One, how can an app bring me more business, and Two, how will I get people to actually download and use it?

How Do I Get People to Use My App?

One of the fastest easiest ways to get people to use your app is to offer direct incentives like coupons that are only available on the app. Then you have an opportunity to send them periodic notifications about special sales, new products and services, and, from time to time more coupons. For a lot of people just the possibility of saving money is worth keeping the app on their device.

Another way to get your customers to download your app is to have a digital rewards card. This way, people don’t have to keep up with a physical card. They already keep up with their phone, and it’s cloud based so they will always have it, and if their phone gets lost, stolen or destroyed they can still retrieve the rewards card by re-downloading the app and signing in.

You can provide a way for your satisfied customers to share the app with people that they think would love the products and/or services that you offer. You could even go a step further and offer a coupon or discount on products or services for sharing with X number of people who download the app.

Customers Have My App, Now How do I Bring Them In?

Now that customers actually have your app on their mobile devices you can start periodically sending notifications about special offers, new coupons, sales alerts and more. People already like using apps anyway, so offer them a way to interact with your business as much as possible. For instance, food ordering, browsing and purchasing products right from their phone, find your location with a click of a button (great for food trucks or other mobile businesses).

What If I Tried All of That and Its Just Not Working For Me?

Don’t worry, we will help you ever step of the way to make the most of your app and meet your goals.

You can get start by talking with us about your business and what your goals are: